HONEST HORSE (CHINA )HOLDING LIMITED establish in 2005 year have more than 10 years experience about the garnet sand production and sale. Our company is one of the several company have own mine, and mine located in LIANYUNGANG city ,mineralized high quality , the output one year is 150,000 tons .

Our company introduce one full automated computer-controlled processing line,used international advanced the production technology .And we strictly execute international quality standard ,implement perfect quality control to ensure the garnet sand high quality and stability.Our main product is garnet sand ,micro garnet sand .

HONEST HORSE garnet is rock type garnet crushed from natural garnet rocks mined from 200 meters underground. It goes through crushing,magnetic separation,washing and drying production procedures. Being crushed from natural garnet rocks, our garnet sand has high hardness and sharper edges. With many times magnetic separations to remove impurities,it keeps high qualified red grains.Then several times washing remove the powder away. After screening of sifting bed,each size has the uniform particle distribution.

The main application in water jet cutting, sandblasting ,coatings removal, surface preparation ,water filtration and other specialized applications.

Our garnet sand have the extensive definite by customer, now we have America,Australia, Germany, more than 70 countries customers all over the world.


Garnet Sand sandblasting has the features of high blasting speed, low consumption, low cost. Garnet sand is a cost- effective product that can replace quartz sand, copper slag, cinders, corundum, glass beads, etc


Water jet cutting

Our garnet sand 80# has features of sub-conchoidal fracture ,high hardness, good toughness and sharp edges.It can form new angular edges constantly during crushing and classifying .Water jet cutting uses garnet sand as the cutting medium, relies on high-pressure water jets to water jet cut oil and gas pipelines ,steel and other components,stainless steel,copper ,metal,marble,stone,rubber,glass ,ceramics .Also for its high speed and fluency in water jet cutting ,it will not jam the cutting tool bit used on water jet cutting machine.

Water Filtration

Thanks to it heavy specific weight and stable chemical properties.Our garnet sand 20-40# can be used as the bottom media of filter bed in water filtration of chemical industry ,petroleum ,pharmacy ,cleaning drinking water or waste .It is one of the most cost effective alternatives for water filtration beds to replace silica sand and gravel in water filtration ,Especially it can be applied in beneficiation of non- ferrous metals and oil drilling mud weighting agent, because it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the filter bed is back-flushed.

Garnet sand abrasive has features of good hardness, high bulk density, heavy specific weight, good toughness and no free silica. It is widely used in aluminum profile, copper profile, precision molds, and many other fields. And it is used for sandblasting, rust removing and surface treatment in stainless steel, carbon steel,steel structure, aluminum, titanium,galvanized parts,glass, stone, wood, rubber, bridge,shipbuilding,ship repair, etc.

Garnet sand blasting abrasive has features of good color, high hardness, long lifetime, self-sharpening,high grinding efficiency, low consumption, good finish and high recycling rate.

The sandblasting level of garnet sand is very high. It can penetrate into the holes and uneven parts to completely remove the oxide layer, corrosion, residual salts, burrs and other debris. The sand-blasted surface has no insert, no adverse convex point and pits, no embedded sand,and achieves SA3 blasting level with uniform surface roughness.

Garnet sand contains no free silicon, heavy metals and other harmful substances,and the chloride content is less than 50 ppm.It can meet the strictest requirements of industry and military technology.

Garnet Sand sandblasting has the features of high blasting speed, low consumption, low cost. Garnet sand is a cost-effective product that can replace quartz sand, copper slag, cinders, corundum, glass beads, etc.

Garnet sand surface roughness can reach 45-55,50-75 microns. After sandblasting, the surface roughness is moderate which can effectively reinforce the adhesion between coatings and substrate.

After several times washing, garnet sand blasting abrasive has very low dust content and its dust emission is also low, which can keep a good working environment. It is harmless to the environment and humans, which can meet the requirements of occupational health and safety.